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Strength Apparel Matte Black Lever Buckle Lifting Belt

RM 150.00

It took us a while to source for a better quality raw material, craftsmen as well as design. After some hectic time of sourcing, we are proud to announce our very first lever buckle lifting belt.

- Suitable for Powerlifting, Strongman, Bodybuilding, Crossfit etc...

- Chili red brand logo with a smooth embroidery stitching.

- Pitch black smooth suede belt body with snow white stitching.

- Matte black finishing lever buckle.

- Edges on the belt body are sealed by a unique blend of adhesive to minimise wear and tear from the brutal and long term usage.

- Thickness (8.5mm) / Width (4 inches)

- Minimal to almost zero "breaking into" is required due to the integrity of the belt material.

- Each product is not 100% identical. Every piece is handcrafted, giving them a unique identity of its own.

Sizing for belts:

All lever lifting belts will come with the standard set of 8 holes.

Small - 25"-33"

Medium - 28"-36"

Large - 32"-40"

XLarge - 36"-44"