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SAQR Lifting Belt (Red/Black)

RM 400.00

• Featuring a quick release buckle, with a combination of the stability from a prong belt and easy adjustable lever from a lever belt  

• High quality hide prepared over 3 months for strength & longevity

• Red oiled leather finish with a black oiled leather interior

• Gloss black finishing quick release buckle

• GPA/WRPF approved with the maximum 10mm thickness and 10cm in width

• Each product is not 100% identical. Every piece is handcrafted, giving them a unique identity of its own

• Custom printed "Strength Apparel" on the belt body and "Strength" on the loop

• All quick release lifting belts will come with the standard set of 9 holes.

Belt - Sizing Guide

S - 58-83 cm

M - 67.5-95.5 cm

L - 74-100 cm