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Lush Protein (Creatine Monohydrate - 100 servings)

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What is Creatine Monohydrate ?

Creatine has been shown to boost explosive energy levels, making it ideal for sprinters, bodybuilders, high intensity sports athletes or any sports where short bursts of effort are required (i.e. soccer, rugby, basketball etc.). 

Creatine provides energy for the muscles, especially beneficial for quick, powerful and explosive movements. Creatine increases the body’s ability to produce energy rapidly by increasing the availability of muscular energy (ATP) in the muscle for explosive bursts of activity. This in turn increases muscular strength, speed and power and delays the onset of fatigue. Creatine also pulls water into your muscle cells, making them feel and appear larger and more firm. 

Creatine is naturally produced by our bodies and also found in red meats and fish. There is no sports supplement that has been researched as thoroughly as creatine monohydrate, and with such significant results, making creatine a staple supplement for most athletes. 

As with all LushProtein™ products, Certificates of Analysis (COA) are provided for all key ingredients for assured quality. 

Per 0.5kg: 100 Serves
Per Serve: 5gm Creatine Monohydrate 
  Improves strength & power
  Increase muscle energy stores
  Excellent for power based sports

Boost explosive strength, speed & power.

Nutritional Profile

Creatine Monohydrateper Serve [5000mg]%DV
Creatine Monohydrate (mg)5000*
* % Daily Value (DV) not established  

Suggested Usage

Add 1.5 teaspoons (5g) to water, shake and consume. Use 1-2 times daily. You may also add Creatine to protein shakes and other sports nutrition powders.


Q.What is Creatine Monohydrate? A.Creatine is a naturally occurring substance made by the body which is used as the primary form of energy for the muscles.

Q.Do I need to cycle Creatine ? A.Research shows that creatine does not need to be cycled and can be safely taken for sustained periods of time. If you feel more comfortable cycling creatine then we recommend taking 5g daily for 4-6 weeks followed by 1-2 weeks break. As always, we recommend you trial both (cycling and not) to see what works for you.

Q.Do I need to load Creatine ? .A.It is not necessary to load creatine, however if you wish to do so we recommend taking 4 x 5g servings for the first 5 days, followed by 5g daily thereafter.

Q.Are there any side effects from taking Creatine?  .A.We have not heard of any adverse side effects from taking Creatine. However, some users may experience slight stomach discomfort. If this does happen to you, then simply stop using for about 7 days and re-start at a lower dosage level.