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Lush Protein (Beta Alanine - 200 servings)

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What is Beta Alanine?

Beta Alanine is a naturally occurring beta-amino acid. Beta Alanine’s main effect comes from its ability to boost the synthesis of carnosine, which in turn can help buffer lactic acid, reduce the onset of fatigue and increase exercise intensity and duration. Many users experience intense vasodilatation/pumps from the very first dose of Beta Alanine as carnosine is a powerful precursor in generating nitric oxide synthase. 

It works very well when taken with other supplements and is the core active ingredient on most pre-workout formulas on the market today. Strength athletes may take Beta Alanine with Creatine Monohydrate to enhance muscle power and size. Whereas Beta Alanine and Citrulline Malate has become the recommended supplement blend by endurance experts. 

Note: A common side effect of Beta Alanine, especially on first use, is flushing or tingling/itching of the skin particularly around the hands and face (paresthesia). This is well documented, harmless and will pass quite quickly. 

Per 0.25kg: 200 SERVES 

Per Serve: 1250mg Beta Alanine 

Core active ingredient of pre-workouts

Increase power output & training volume

Boost high-intensity aerobic capacity

Delay muscle fatigue and buffer lactic acid build-up

Core performance booster and pre-workout ingredient. Increase muscle power output, training volume, exercise performance and aerobic capacity.

Nutritional Profile

Beta Alanineper Serve [1250mg]%DV
Beta Alanine (mg)1250*
* % Daily Value (DV) not established  

Suggested Usage

A typical serve of Beta-alanine is 1.25gm (1/3 tsp.). Add to water, juice or shakes and drink immediately. 1-4 serves of Beta Alanine can be taken daily, both prior to and immediately following workouts.


Q.What is Beta Alanine? A. Beta Alanine is a non-essential amino acid and the only naturally occurring beta-amino acid. Beta Alanine is mainly found in a dipeptide called carnosine, it is also found in the dipeptides anserine and balenine which are found in protein rich foods such as beef, pork, chicken and fish. In the body, Beta alanine combines with l-histidine to form carnosine which is responsible for buffering acid in the muscles.

Q.How does taking Beta Alanine benefit my training? A. In buffering lactic acid and delaying the onset of muscular fatigue, which increases exercise capacity and improves performance. If you have also hit a training plateau, then Beta Alanine could be a way to boost your training onto the next level.

Q.Are there any side effects from taking Beta Alanine? A.Beta alanine can cause skin tingling (paresthesia), especially for first time users. This is a perfectly normal reaction and is not harmful in any way. To reduce tingling we recommend splitting your serving throughout the day